September resources for fall, apple theme, more back to school, bulletin boards, etc. 

Resources from BTC:

  • September Calendar (customizable)

  • September Journal Calendar

  • September Journal Calendar 2

  • Fall Coloring Page

Theme Units:


Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board Tips:

Here are some ideas that will help making bulletin boards easier.

  • Use theme colored paper for your can last up to 4 months. For example, using orange background paper will cover the months of September, October, and November.

  • Keep your bulletin board pieces organized by creating large monthly folders (staple two large pieces of construction paper into folders). Store your pieces into the folders and label them according to month or theme.

  • Have lots of bulletin boards in your classroom?  Make them yearly bulletin boards, such as one displaying classroom rules, another for classroom job, etc.

  • Another great idea for bulletin boards is to create interactive boards. There are many great books on creating interactive bulletin boards. They also make great learning centers.

  • 3-D Boards: You can have your boards "pop" by using styrofoam or folding paper and attaching them to the back of your bb pieces.  It makes the pieces stick out.  Adding real objects also creates an eye catching board, such as cotton for clouds, real leaves for trees, etc.

  • Fabric background paper helps to create beautiful boards too.  You can use fabric from Ragshop or bedsheets, table cloths, curtains, etc. as background.

  • Organize cut-out letters by creating folders for a group of letters. One folder would be A, B, C, the second folder would be D,E,F and so on. If you have access to die cut machines, make letters of  varying colors and shapes and put into the folders. It makes creating words a lot easier.

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Back to School Page
Pages of ideas and links for back to school


Online Teacher Groups and Forums

One great resource I have recently discovered is online teacher groups and forums. I have added a list of places where teachers can find a variety of groups and chats to join. 

NING Groups

Second Grade Teachers' Club

Yahoo Groups-- Probably the biggest of the message groups and forums.

Teachers.Net -- Chatboards and chatrooms for teachers

Teacher 2 Teacher

A-Z Teacher Forum

The Teacher's Corner

Teacher Focus

Teach-nology Forum

Teacher's Forum



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