Student Organization
I like to keep my classroom neat, tidy, and running smoothly. My students are part of that process. Here are some ways that the students and I help keep the classroom organized.

 Moose Notebooks

These notebooks are organizational binders used to keep students' work and forms organized.  Here are some wonderful links for MOOSE notebooks and other types of organizational notebooks.

 Student Jobs

Students like to be given responsibilities-- therefore, they are given jobs which they have to do by the end of the day without having the teacher remind them. The jobs are:

Door Managers (2): They are in charge of the doors in the hallways, closet doors, and classroom door.
Classroom Managers (2): They are in charge of the calendar, tidying up the classroom, organizing the learning centers, watering the plants, and checking students desks for neatness.
Board Managers (2): They are in charge of erasing and washing the board.
Paper Managers (2): They collect work/papers and pass out worksheets, tests, papers to the class. They also organize the work that has been collected.
Homework Managers (2): They collect and pass back the homework. They also keep a tally of who missed their homework and make a list for the teacher. The managers also put the day's homework inside the student cubbies.
Line Leader (1): This is the person in charge of the line.
Computer Captains (4): The computer captains are in charge of turning computers on and off. They help students get to the Internet and our second grade website. They keep the computer area organized (especially the computer software CDs). They organize the Internet Activities folder.
Teacher Helper (2): They help the teacher with tasks, are messengers, take over the jobs of absent students, and whatever other help the teacher needs. Also, they help the teacher organize and distribute art materials when making crafts. They also help clean up and put away materials.

 Student Folders

Students have a variety of folders to keep their desks organized as well as their work. These folders have been a lifesaver for keeping work neat and on hand. The following folders are labeled with computer-made labels and are color coordinated.

Homework Folder: A blue folder, one side is for homework assignments and the other is for letters, flyers, notes to parents.
Desk Folder: A yellow folder used for keeping worksheets, unfinished assignments, or any other papers that are needed in class. Students are taught that NO PAPERS are in the desk itself, but must go in the desk folder.
Writing Portfolio: A red folder, here the students keep their writing checklist, drafts, and finished work. These folders are kept in a basket.
Center Folder: A green folder, the students place their center work here. These folders are kept in a basket.
Friday Folder: On Fridays, students take home a folder that contains the following:

**weekly report

The weekly report is stapled to the folder. The parent must look over the work and sign the weekly report. The folder must be returned on Monday. 

Student Supplies

Every year, my students lose their pencils, crayons, etc. So now, they receive a pencil box on the first day of school. In it, they will find 2 pencils, a box of crayons, a pair of scissors, and a small bottle of glue. The students are not allowed to take any of those items at home. All of the items are supposed to go back into the box and stored in their desks. On top of the box is a label with a number and a place to write their name. (Each student is given a number they will use throughout the year).

 Student Numbers

Students are given a number according to how their names fall alphabetically. This is the number they will use throughout the year. Student have to write not only their name, but their number on the right-hand corner of the paper. That way, the paper managers can organize the work in numerical order. These other items are numbered as well:

**the folders
**the textbooks
**their supply box
**my grade book
**lunch tickets

For the beginning of this year, I have made a sheet of labels for each student with their names, numbers, and our class name/room number.  The students place the labels on their workbooks, notebooks, folders, and journals. 

 Student Mailboxes

Student mailboxes are used for storing worksheets, letters, fliers, homework, or anything else that needs to go home. Here are some ways you can create student mailboxes:

Mailbox cubbies: They can be purchased in a teacher store or office supply store.
Hanging Folders w/ crate: Purchase hanging folders and a crate (some are sold together) and assign each student a folder.
Plastic Shoe Holder: Use each shoe holder as a mailbox for the student. Label each pocket with a student's name.
Paper Caddies: Create paper caddies that can be attached to the front or side of a student's desk. Use oak tag, construction paper, or cardboard. The caddies can also be attached to a bulletin board.



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