Question of the Day

I use Question of the Day to take attendance.  In a binder I have posted a sheet with a question for that day.  When students come in to class, they need to sign in by answering the question.  A teacher helper makes sure everyone has signed in.  Then they take attendance by seeing who did not sign the sheet.  I have the students' names written on the sheet and then photocopy a large supply. 

For a copy of a Question of the Day sheet, click here.

Here are a list of questions you can use for Question of the Day: 

        When is your birthday?

        What is your favorite color?

        What is your favorite movie?

        What is your favorite TV show?

        Do you like reading?

        What is your favorite ice cream?

        What would you like for Christmas?

        How old are you?

        How many brothers do you have?

        How many sisters do you have?

        What is your middle name?

        Do you have a pet?

        What is your address?

        What kind of pizza do you like?

        What is your favorite drink?

        Can you write a math problem?

        What is your favorite song?

        What is your favorite book?

        Who is your favorite super hero?

        How old is ___________? (insert teacherís name)

        Can you roll your tongue?

        Do you own a watch?

        What is for lunch today? (Or Can you guess what is for lunch today?)

        Do you like Jello?

        Have you ever been on an airplane?

        Have you ever been to Disney World?

        What is your favorite flower?

        What is your favorite animal?

        How many people are in your family?

        Do you live in a house or in an apartment?

        What do you like best about Halloween? Christmas? Easter?

        What is your favorite season?