Discipline Contest

Individual Behavior

Treasure Box Contest: In this contest, students earn "money" and are able to purchase their rewards.  This is one contest I use when  we are doing the unit on money. The teacher sets up a system of payment such as:

Standing nicely on line: 50 cents
Completing tasks on time: 15 cents
Participating in class: 20 cents
Work done neatly: 5 cents

(This payment system is complicated. I was able to do it with 14 students but I'm changing it to something simpler for a bigger class this coming year)

Friday is "shopping" day. Students can purchase rewards from the Treasure Box.  Some items that are in the box are:
homework passes
passes to talk to a friend
passes to go on the computer
invitation to lunch with the teacher
puzzle books
coloring books
(I purchase items at the dollar store/99 cent store.)

You can add price stickers on the items or have a listing of the items with their prices. Students purchase items from the teacher or you can use a reliable student to act as the "cashier".  I leave pencils and scrap paper by the box so students can do their calculations.

*** An optional part to this system is to fine the students for bad behavior.  Talking in class can be a 50 cent fine, no homework is $1 fine, etc.