Mini-offices are tools that contain information for students to use for writing, math or science. Teachers from all over the country are creating these mini-offices to provide their students with information they need when working.

The most popular form of the mini-office is the writing mini-office. There are also math, reading, and science versions as well.

Below you will find a wealth of information on how to create mini-offices for your students as well as downloadable sheets and links to other teachers' sites. Enjoy!

***Thanks to the teachers at the Second Grade Club for their ideas and their resources!!***

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Directions on Making Mini-Offices
There are different variations on how teachers make mini-offices but these directions are based on how I created my mini-offices.

Materials for 1 mini-office: 2-3 file folders, worksheets, glue, and contact paper/laminating machine.

Depending on how long you want your mini-offices to be, choose 2-3 file folders and glue them together side to side. Download the sheets you want to use and a cover sheet. (I used many sheets that were black & white to save on color ink!) Cut your sheets and start placing them on your panels of your mini-offices until you have it organized. This could be challenging if you have a lot of sheets you want to add. I had to cut down some of the charts so that they could fit on a panel. Glue and let dry. Laminate. You can also use large clear mailing/packaging tape to laminate them (this is a cheaper option).

Alternative (if you have older students): If you want colorful sheets, have your students color in their charts, etc. Then assemble your sheets onto the file folders. Or have your students assemble the mini-offices themselves.

Pictures of Mini-Offices
Here are sample mini-offices created by me and by other teachers.

This writing mini-office was made using 3 folders to make four panels.

Front Left

Front Right

Back Left Back Right

This math mini-office was made using 2 file folders to make three panels.

Front Left Front Right Back Left Back Right

Mini-Office by Marilyn Lamont:

Sheets for Your Mini-Offices

Here you will find sheets and forms from Busy Teacher's Cafe and other great teachers who have been generous enough to contribute their work. Pick and choose the sheets you want to put on your mini-offices based on needs, skills, subject, and grade level of your students. HAVE FUN!

Forms from Busy Teacher's Cafe
**Note: Some of the charts created by BTC gradually increase in grade level. Use only the parts you need and cut out what is not appropriate for your grade level. For example, the end of the punctuation chart is more advanced, so a first grade teacher would most likely just use the beginning parts of the chart and cut off the rest.

High Frequency Word List Parts of A Story Writing Checklist For Grades:
K-1, 1-2, 2-3
Writing Parts of A Story Alphabet Chart Vowel Chart
How to Spell A Word Parts of Speech Consonant Chart
Paragraph Traffic Light Writing Rubric Punctuation Chart
Mini-Office Covers The 5 W's Hand Alphabet Handwriting
Transition Words Story Words Don't Know What to Write?
Math Tables
(Addition, Subtraction, etc.)
Problem Solving Chart Time
Hundred Chart Coin History Shapes
Money Math Words & Symbols Number Chart